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I wanted to catch you up on some of our adventures over the weekend in Taos, New Mexico! What a fabulous place! I could see myself living here...Terry, though, worried there wasn't enough snowfall to call this place home. He grilled most of the locals about how much snow the town saw last year and received the disappointing news... less than thirty inches. He, of course, wants "big snow". I am less than enthusiastic.

So while Terry enjoys the weather conference in Santa Fe.

(Yes, he needs a bit of a shave!)

I will be sharing some of the sights from Taos. First up. The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. What an awesome sight. It definitely makes your legs tingle looking down. I don't have a fear of heights, but I could definitely visualize a gruesome end by getting too close.

The Gorge Bridge, as the locals call it, is approximately ten miles outside of Taos. It actually won the award for "Most Beautiful Long Span Steel Bridge" (that's a mouthful, right!) in 1966. In 1997 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Flowing underneath the bridge is the Rio Grande...the 4th longest river in America. The Rio also offers excellent white water rafting opportunities (more on that later).

So we did the usual touristy things and took some family photos on the bridge.

Then we wanted to give you and even more "up close and personal" view. So check out our video below!

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