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Today I experienced something I have not, or have not in quite some time. The high temperature in Santa Fe, New Mexico hit 100. I've been there done that plenty of times in my life but its been about 7 years since my last experience with the century mark. Here's the official Santa Fe hourly observation for 3pm local time.

Now, what I've never experienced before is a humidity level of 3%. Dudes that's lower than a snakes belly! (look above, the dew point 8 and the humidity 3%) While your body does not sweat like it does here with high moisture levels, rest assured it's still sizzling. It's like a furnace with a hot breeze hitting you in the face whenever you walk out. You don't dare walk on stone, concrete, black top or any surface that absorbs sun without shoes. One step and you figure that out!

OK, here's the other amazing thing. As people in my business often say, dry air heats up rapidly in the sun but cools down nicely once it sets. The low temperature in Santa Fe this morning was 59 degrees. Just before sun up I had the window in my bedroom open. A few nights earlier in Taos I actually needed a light jacket. You can see in the temperature depiction below how the temperature climbed from 59 to 100 in 10 hours, Cool!

I'm a generous kind of guy so I'm going to share the heat with you back in the good old Midwest. By Friday and Saturday you'll get a healthy taste but unfortunately it will be even worse back home. Highs will climb to the mid to upper 90s and instead of a dew point of 8, ours will reach the mid to upper 70s! BIG difference and it will lead to dangerous conditions....

The hi res 3k NAM has this for highs Friday. 100 up to I-80.

Now the dew points, some places over 80 degrees

The combination will lead to heat index values as high as 115 degrees from NE Iowa to central Illinois.

You need to take plenty of breaks and drink lots of fluids in conditions like this. Never leave man or beast in a car, keep you pets refreshed, and make sure you check on the elderly. All of the areas below are currently under heat warnings, advisories, or watches.

Like it or not, summer is coming and with a vengeance. With cooling thoughts from Santa Fe I say roll weather...TS

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