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In case you missed it, I had a heart procedure done recently to fix an irregular heart beat. So far so good. I'm in rhythm and slowly but surely starting to feel better. However I still have a few restrictions and my doctor told me to "chill out". 

In keeping with that theme I'm taking a week of vacation and heading to Carolyn's family cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It's been one of my go to places to decompress the past 30 years. There's no electricity, internet, or cell service. That said, I'll be in the sticks and won't be making my typical type of daily posts.

Instead, I have written a number of posts describing some of the unique things I've witnessed or noticed about this untamed and relatively untouched part of the world. I'll be talking about the myth of the mystery light, the best high school nickname ever (the Watersmeet Nimrods) which ESPN did a commercial on, and the record 390" of snow that fell in the super winter of 1978-79.

Aside from some other fun tidbits, Carolyn will continue with some new installments of the Cabin Chronicles. She'll talk about her memories growing up in the place she still calls home. There's the story of the moon deer and Casper who roamed the property for years.

Also their ownership of one of the first snowmobiles and why a typographical error resulted in the famous brand name Skidoo. (One letter made all the difference).

I know she also has a great article on Teamster Labor leader Jimmy Hoffa who spent plenty of time at a nearby cabin.. He disappeared in 1975 and his body was never found. She's got the inside scoop on what he did behind closed doors!

In the case of significant weather Rebecca (RK) will step up to let you know what to plan for. She just got her masters in meteorology and I'm proud to have her on my team.

All in all, it should be an interesting week and of course I'll be back to bring you the insights and forecasts you've come to expect. Until then Roll Weather...TS

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