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Multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms have moved through the Midwest since Saturday. The heaviest of which occurred Sunday night into Monday. Storms trained (repeated over and over) on the Highway 20 corridor in eastern Iowa.

4-5.5 inch totals were not uncommon in these areas. There were additional showers and storms through the day Monday...

Rain finally made it's way into the drought stricken areas of extreme southern Iowa and northern Missouri... but this rain was not a drought buster by any means.

And now there will just be a few showers on Tuesday with the next chance for a few scattered storms Thursday night.

There's still some uncertainty on how strong the front will be, but it likely won't amount to much Thursday night. Ahead of the front it will be warm and muggy for the middle of the week. The hottest day will be Thursday.

So temperatures in the 80s and 90s... plus dew points in the 70s...

Oof - it'll be feeling hot and humid! Heat index values may push 100 degrees at times. It's certainly still summer! RK

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