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Rains of 5-10" fell in parts of SE Minnesota, SW Wisconsin, and extreme northeast Iowa last night. Additional heavy rain is likely later today and tonight. The Weather Prediction Center has issued a high to moderate risk of rainfall exceeding flash flood guidance in the areas highlighted below.

This is a potentially serious concern for parts of the central Midwest, especially those areas hit hard last night. If you live in a flash flood prone area pay close attention to conditions later today and tonight. Rainfall rates of up to 2" per hour are possible in in areas even where the slight risk has been issued. Here's the WPC discussion.

Also, a severe thunderstorm watch has been issued for some areas until 9:00pm tonight. The primary risk will be some strong winds and torrential rains.

Here's the watch discussion from SPC.

Storms will come to an end late tonight and cooler drier weather returns for Wednesday.

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