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The white gold was flying over the weekend, much earlier than usual. Virtually all of Iowa experienced at least a trace of snow with some places well over an inch, especially in the NW where some 6" totals were recorded.

This picture was taken by the Iowa Storm Chase Network in central Iowa.

The heaviest amounts in my area fell in NE Iowa where New Hampton and Charles City both measured 1.5 inches.

Rochester, Minnesota picked up 1.6" which was the largest snow ever for so early in the season. It was the 7th earliest date for a measurable snow.

La Crosse, WIsconsin had its 8th earliest measurable snow of record.

If Monday's EURO EPS weeklies are correct the trend is there for more early season cold and snow. This is the 46 day temperature forecast ending November 30th.

The 46 day EPS control shows this for snowfall ending November 30th.

The 46 day EPS ensemble mean has this for snowfall over the same period.

Short term there's nothing that would indicate any additional snow (or rain) in the next 7 to perhaps 14 days. You can see below the northwest flow that restricts the moisture necessary for precipitation. It will also keep temperatures below normal.

This is the 10 day precipitation forecast from the GFS. Zip!

These are the EURO temperature departures in 5 day increments the next 15 days.

Day 0-5

Day 5-10

Day 10-15

Finally, it looks like we'll get the weather October is noted for. Crisp dry conditions until further notice. Roll weather...TS

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