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Two powerful storms moved through the Midwest the weather pattern is starting to quiet down. The latest storm one again put down heavy snow in parts of the Midwest.

A closer look at my local area:

Light snow persisted to the southeast across Iowa, but little to nothing actually accumulated on the ground.

And we know the routine. High pressure is moving in, drier and colder air is filtering into the area. Temperatures will be below normal, and near and below freezing to start the week.

Here's Monday's high temperatures:

And Tuesday:

The weather will be calm, though. After multiple systems have moved through the Midwest in the last two weeks, the pattern really starts to quiet down.

High pressure will be in control through the week and it will be mostly dry. Just one clipper moves through the Upper Midwest on Thursday and may produce some light snow.

It will still be cold this week, especially with all of the snow on the ground. But in the long range there may be a little warm up. Here's the outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for mid-December:

Even when temperatures get above normal nowadays... it's still chilly. But, hey, it's better than being below normal!


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