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Snow has been falling since early Sunday morning as a weak system moves through the Midwest. Here's the snowfall totals so far:

And here's additional snow expected to fall today:

The snow will end Sunday afternoon and evening and then there will be a brief break on Monday. It will be cloudy with temperatures in the 20s and 30s.

That will be ahead of a much stronger storm that will come in Monday night into Tuesday. There is going to be more snow and more wind with this one. We still have a few days, but we're starting to see more agreement on the track of this storm with the models.

Here's the early late Monday night:

And the Euro:

Here's the NAM:

And the hi-resolution NAM:

There's still some question marks about the exact track which will change the precipitation type expected in certain areas and how much snow will fall. The trend as been further south and I think that trend will hold. We'll talk more about snowfall totals in future posts.

Winter forges on!


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