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One storm moves out and another one is on it's tail. Here's a look at the numbers from the storm that just moved through this weekend:

The Quad Cities picked up 5.1" as of Monday morning, with still some light snow falling. Reports around Cedar Rapids were on the order of 7-8".

Here's a wider view of the storm across the Midwest:

This storm will move east and snow will be done Monday morning. There will be a short break before the next storm moves in. Another strong winter storm will move in Tuesday night through Wednesday...

There is still some time to work out the details on the exact track and intensity of this storm. However, this storm will likely deliver another round of heavy snow to the Midwest.

Here's the latest data. The GFS:

The NAM:

And the European:

So there are some differences right now in terms of the placement of the heaviest snow. These details will be worked out over the next 24-36 hours.

There will be yet another storm over the weekend that could bring more snow.This is the winter that just keeps on going...


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