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It's the it's only right that another storm rolls through the Midwest. This one's a fast mover and like the last few systems it looks to come right over southeastern Iowa. That means enough warm air for rain to be the dominate form of precipitation. The exception would be my far northern counties (north of HWY 20) where some mixed precipitation may change to snow briefly before ending in the evening. The 3k NAM shows the low tracking through SE Iowa Saturday on its way to Lake Michigan.

Despite the fast movement of the storm it will produce a good 6-8 hours of precipitation that at times will be moderate to heavy. The 3k NAM has this for total rainfall.

Some thunderstorms are even possible, especially over far SE Iowa and WC Illinois. Further south, a severe weather outbreak is likely in the lower half of the Mississippi River Valley. As of Friday night the Storm Prediction Center has an enhanced outlook in place.

The significant snow with this system is likely to fall over Minnesota and Wisconsin. Here's the latest snowfall forecasts.


The 3K NAM


Once this storm departs, things quiet down but only for a couple days. Then another very impressive storm is set to grind its way through the Plains and upper Midwest Tuesday night and Wednesday. This storm is a beast in scope and promises to bring some very heavy precipitation to that sector of the central U.S. Combined with the first storm, the GFS is showing widespread 2-5" liquid totals from Nebraska and NW Iowa into much of Minnesota and NW Wisconsin Saturday-Thursday. This could drastically increase the flood threat in some parts of the Midwest and will need to be seriously watched in the coming days.

The positive news in this ominous scenario is the fact my area will get solidly into the warm sector out ahead of next weeks storm. Many spots have a chance of reaching the 50s Wednesday with my southern counties pushing 60. Look at the meteorgram for Cedar Rapids showing a 59 degree day.

In the Quad Cities it's popping a 61.

The big take away Friday night is that the weather the next 7 days is going to be wet and wild around the central United States. By the middle of next week there should be plenty of melting snow which combined with heavy precipitation could lead to significant rises on area rivers and streams. This is a period to keep a close eye on for that potential. Have a fine Saturday and roll weather...TS

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