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A few months ago Terry and I searched for a fun spot in-between Dubuque and Cedar Rapids to meet our Dubuque-residing friends halfway between cities. We found a gem. In the tiny town of Scotch Grove, there is bar/grill owned by Madalyn and Brandon Schrader. This hardworking young couple has put their elbow grease, creativeness, and sense of fun into a quiet country bar and turned it into a funky little joint that features big fun.

It was a Saturday night, so we settled in and ordered the prime rib (Well, I did. Terry always gets the fat juicy cheeseburger.). Everything was fantastic. Had a marvelous time catching up, and then our friends had to scoot.

We were going to follow them out the door. Call it an early night. But the place was just cranking up. A band set up in the corner and let loose with some pure magic.

Leaving was out-of-the-question. We ended up not only listening to the band, but establishing new friendships with the Schraders, Jeanne Forbes, and her fiancee Brian Squires (We still need to connect with the soon-to-be Squires!). Brian was one of the band members and that dude can rock.

Anyway the bottom line is we will be back because this place has the unbeatable combination of good food, good fun, and great fellowship.

In fact, check out the cool events coming up in April!

And now we are pleased to welcome the Grove Bar and Grill as one of our new sponsors of Welcome aboard Brandon and Madalynn. We are thrilled to have you on our team.

We are planning on heading back up to the Grove Bar and Grill....and will give a shout out when we are able to be there. So if you have any weather questions....join us! We will shoot for the end of Aoril/first of May!

See you later!


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