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We've certainly had no problem with the rain part of "spring" but temperatures have been a different story. Saturday - even with sunny skies and low humidity - we couldn't manage to even get to 70... in May! That's telling of how spring has gone so far.

Temperatures will be warmer Sunday ahead of a cold front.

Unfortunately it comes with more rain. The cold front will swing through and bring scattered showers and thunderstorms late Sunday afternoon through Monday.

This front will then stall out in the Midwest and will be the focus of several rounds of rain once again as we head into next week. Here's a look at rainfall totals over the next five days..

Here's the zoomed in totals on the GFS -

And European -

There will likely still be changes on exactly where the heaviest rain falls. That will be important for the Mississippi. Water is starting to recede now, but any rain over the river and its tributaries will lead to another crest. Heavy rain could lead to issues on other rivers because the ground is incredibly saturated.

As this front stalls out and the rain moves through, temperatures will be back below normal through much of next week. Here's an example for Cedar Rapids' temperatures.

The spring rains (unfortunately) continue... So, enjoy the warmth while it lasts Sunday because the spring temperatures won't be sticking around.


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