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Fall will continue one more day and then summer will be showing it's face. Clouds and rain will be around to end the weekend and will hold temperatures down well below normal.

There will be periods of shower and some thunderstorms as we go through Sunday and Monday.

This will be the beginning of an active pattern that will unfold during the upcoming week. This will also be the beginning of summer's comeback. Temperatures will be warming up as we head into next week...

Temperatures in general will be near and above normal as we go through the next week or two. This is going to be the case across much of the country. Here's the outlook from the Climate Prediction Center through September 17th...

And that in turn will lead to an active pattern... which is actually needed around here. Here's the outlook for precipitation through the 17th.

Much of the Upper Midwest is still behind on rainfall and still dealing with moderate drought conditions.

So even though it has been more fall-like around here lately summer will be coming back!


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