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Summer isn't done with us just yet and that will be pretty evident on Monday. A warm front will be lifting north of the area and lead to a warm, muggy day...

For the last day of September temperatures will be running 10-20 degrees above normal across the Upper Midwest. Coupled with high humidity it will likely feel like the low 90s in the afternoon.

A cold front will then begin to slowly move through Monday night through Wednesday and will lead to multiple rounds of showers and storms.

Heavy rain will be likely, but there still uncertainty on exactly where the heaviest falls. Here's a look at the precipitation totals on the GFS through Wednesday night -

And the European:

Moisture levels will be high and rain rates will be high. Flash flooding will be possible, especially in NE Iowa, southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois where heavy rain has fallen lately. There may also be rises on area rivers and creeks.

Once this front passes through drier air will arrive and it will be feeling more like fall as the week goes on. Here's the high temperature for Thursday afternoon -

That fall like feeling will continue for a while. And we'll turn a corner it seems into fall as we head into the first week or two of October. Here's a look at the temperatures through the 9th for Cedar Rapids -

And the Quad Cities -

We've got one more burst of summer to start the week. We'll see if it's gone for good!


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