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The snow season in the contiguous United States is of to a rip roaring start, especially in the northern Plains and Rockies. Some places in North Dakota have already measured up to 30 inches and its only October 15th. Get a load of this fall accumulation map.

During this past month of September, 72 thousand kilometers were covered in snow. Normal is 8 thousand making this September the snowiest in the 51 years of records. With 2 weeks to go I would venture to guess October is on pace for a record as well. By the way, February ranked number 4 and March number 6. The country has picked right up where it left off in the spring,

Here is where most of the snow cover existed as of Tuesday morning. 16% of the nation had at least 1" of snow. That's impressive.

Globally, snow cover is rapidly growing at northern latitudes. That's to be expected with winter looming on the horizon.

Here's where climatology dictates snow cover should found as of October 14th.