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People, thanks so much for being in a giving mood the past 48 hours! I am now down to 138 subscribers needed to meet my fund raising goal due to some wonderful donations. I'm so grateful to those of you who have dug deep and paid the voluntary subscription fee to keep TSwails running. Your generosity is hugely appreciated. It's my goal going forward to work full-time on the site, build it, add new features, and be my own boss! If you can, please consider a voluntary subscription to TSwails of $12 dollars a year ($1 dollar per month). The future of the site is dependent on your contributions. We hope you see the value and hard work that exists in the daily content. There are new features currently in development that I think you will enjoy. Thank you so much for your consideration and help. To subscribe click on the secure green box below.


This is the 4th in what will be a series of posts on the potential of hazardous winter weather in the Midwest just before Halloween. This includes 2 threats, cold and snow.

We are still a good 3 to 5 days out before any flakes so there are still issues to iron out. This post is meant to be an early indicator of significant trends with the goal of laying out the early concerns and timing. It is not a forecast. Do not focus on snow amounts even though you will see some, they are going to change and are nothing more than model output at this point, what we call guidance.

I am out of town attending the Galena Halloween parade so this is not going to be fancy, just the latest snowfall forecasts. The big takeaway is the fact the GFS has now entered the camp of the EURO and CANADIAN so at least they are all showing general consistency albeit with differences in placement and amounts. That is to be expected.

As of Saturday afternoon, models show two periods where there could be accumulating snow, or at least a rain snow mix changing to snow. Here's today's snowfall forecasts. What I'm showing are the total amounts from the 2 systems combined. The first roughly Tuesday night, the second later Wednesday night and Thursday.


The GFS, (likely way overdone on amounts).


That's all I have time for. I'll be back to my regular schedule tomorrow. Today, a little family fun is in order. Roll weather...TS

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