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A weak cold front is on the way and will move through the Midwest Sunday. That is important because it will begin to knock back the temperatures. Here's a look at the temperatures Sunday afternoon --

Then here's the temperatures Monday afternoon behind the front -

This is important because the cold air is step one. Step two is the storm system moving in Monday night into Tuesday.

There has been some more agreement among the models concerning the placement of the snow Monday night into Tuesday. Note - there will likely still be some changes to this placement. PLUS there is still uncertainty on how just how much snow will fall. Here's the latest model outputs...


The NAM:

The Euro:

The Canadian:

There has been a trend showing the greater snowfall totals in southeast Iowa. But once again we'll likely still see changes. There will then be a second system that comes in on Thursday.

Lots of uncertainty with this system, but there could be even more snow on Halloween! Regardless it is going to be COLD! Temperatures will be well below normal for the upcoming week and into the weekend.

We'll continue to update you on the snow situation. For now... a taste of winter is on the way!


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