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The only sign of fall outside is the leaves that have emerged from under the snow. But it's even starting to look even less like fall with trees becoming bare from recent frosts and snowfall. And it certainty doesn't feel like fall outside. Temperatures were below normal Saturday afternoon and the same will go for Sunday -

It will get even colder as we head into next week due to a series of systems that once again pull down colder air. Luckily, these systems are on the weak side and won't be producing much in the way of precipitation. Here's the next seven days of accumulated precipitation on the Euro -

Most of that precipitation in my local area will come from a system that moves through late Sunday.

And yes - it's mostly rain! Temperatures get knocked back and we'll be about ten degrees colder Tuesday afternoon.

Another little system will pass through Tuesday night into Wednesday. This time, with the colder air in place, snow will be more likely. The greater chances will be in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but we'll have to keep an eye out for changes. Any snow will be fairly light and it will be quick moving.

A big, strong area of high pressure moves in behind this system and will knock back temperatures even more for the end of the week.

Temperatures will be around 20 degrees below normal Thursday and Friday afternoons..

Stay warm!


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