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When it comes to cold, we've got double trouble here in the Midwest. One batch of modified Arctic air is on its way out but not before producing another very frisky night with lows in most spots well into the teens. In this graphic showing surface pressure anomalies, you can see the cold high that's slowly departing perched over Nebraska. You can also see a second Arctic high sprouting up near Alaska.

Short term we'll enjoy a return to southerly winds on the backside of the high and warmer temperatures, especially Saturday. Friday will still be plenty cold in the 30s but at least a good 8-10 degrees warmer than Thursday. Saturday is ripe for a nice jump in temperatures as compressional heating and brisk SW winds develop ahead of the next cold snap. I could see highs reaching the low 50s over the southern half of my area.

In this next graphic valid Saturday evening, you can see the the first high has weakened and drifted into south Texas. High number 2 is growing into a beast as it makes a push southward into Canada.

Finally, Monday morning the new Arctic high (1050mb) is into Montana and its game on for what could be record cold in some parts of the Midwest.

When I say that 1050 high mean business I'm not kidding. Below you are looking at the temperature departures for next Tuesday. Some are as low as 31 degrees below what's normal. By then a typical high in my area ranges from 44 to 48. You do the math and you come up with highs that very well could hold in the teens, especially if we can get a little dusting of snow in the ground which seems possible.

The new found cold will be a factor much of next week too. These are the 5 day departures Monday-Friday, averaging roughly 16-21 degrees below normal per day.

All the area in red has a 100 percent chance of being below freezing next Tuesday. Almost to the Gulf of Mexico!

These are the odds of temperatures of at least 20 below normal next Tuesday. 100% chances in red.

The odds of temperatures 30 below normal next Tuesday. Again, 100 percent chances in red.

These are the chances of a low temperature below 10 degrees.