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One year ago today, just one week after a record breaking November blizzard, 29 tornadoes skipped through parts of WC Illinois. The record setting tornado outbreak began in the afternoon and continued into the early evening across Central and Southwest Illinois.Three local National Weather Service offices concluded that there was a total of 29 tornadoes with ratings on the Enhanced Fujita Scale ranging from EF-0 all the way up to EF-3.

There were 11 EF-0 tornadoes confirmed and 14 rated an EF-1, including a storm near Beardstown, in Bluff City, and near Staunton, IL.3 storms were even stronger, classified as EF-2, including the tornado that moved through the town of Litchfield, IL.

Unusual instability in place.

The strongest storm of the day happened near nightfall: an EF-3 which devastated the town of Taylorville, IL.“They had over 500 homes that had some level of damage and about 100 that were destroyed or major damage,” said Chris Miller, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the NWS Lincoln.The Taylorville tornado was a half a mile wide, which equates to the length of almost NINE football fields lined up back to back. Here it is. The second picture is of damage in its wake in Taylorville.

Other tornado images taken that day.

Despite many towns waking up to heartbreaking scenes the next day, there were only 23 injuries reported and no fatalities from the storms.


One of the chasers that day who witnessed the twisters was Kholby Martin. Kholby is the lead chaser for the annual TSwails storm chase. Last year he took us within a mile of the EF4 twister which struck near Lawrence, Kansas in late May. It was the strongest tornado reported this year and boy did we get an eyeful!

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