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Once again there wasn't much snowfall Saturday. Some very light snow fell in parts of southern Iowa, northern Missouri and Illinois but dry air prevented the system from strengthening. There haven't been many snow reports so far as of Saturday... So we're going to out this system in the rear view and move on to the next. What's clear is the pattern is going to remain active.

Above is the GFS for the next six days... don't pay too close attention to the exact track but just see that there will be a few systems that move through the Midwest during this time.

There will be a weak system on Sunday. First and foremost, though, it will be cold.

A little shortwave will move through in the evening and bring some light snow into Monday morning.

Like the last system, snowfall totals will be very light and not everyone will see snow. Here's the latest snowfall output on the European:

And on the NAM:

And the GFS:

Snowfall totals will generally be around a dusting to up to two inches. Otherwise, it's going to be on the chilly side through the upcoming week and there will be a few systems that will produce rain and/or snow in the Midwest. We'll just have to take each system one by one and we'll talk more about them as they come.


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