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We're all aware of how active the weather has been lately. Since January 11th, in my local area, there has been measurable snow every two to three days. That has added up to 12.6" over the last two-ish weeks. Which is quite the contrast from December where we hardly had three inches over 31 days!

That has also led to cooler temperatures compared to December and the beginning of January. Here's the temperature departures for the last week...

Temperatures have been running near and below normal. Nothing terribly extreme, even with a good snowpack in place, but it has been on the cold side. Even with the snow on the ground temperatures are going to be warmer this week.

In the upper levels there will be a ridge in overhead that will pump in warmer air. The storm track will be forced to our south.

High pressure will also be present at the surface and that will also prevent many systems from moving in. Here's an animation all the way through Thursday:

Not much precipitation/snow is expected over the next week. It will likely be pretty cloudy at times with periods of fog due to melting snow. Temperatures will be near and above freezing each day this week.

Here's a look at Monday's high temperatures:

And Tuesday:

The pattern may start to turn more active and colder as we head into the weekend and next week. More on that in following posts...


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