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It's on like donkey kong! Today is the 60th Anniversary Celebration at Chestnut Mountain Resort In Galena. This will be a fun-filled family event that I highly suggest putting on your to do list. During the day the Big Nut Open Ski and Snowboard Competition is going on with some of the best talent in the Midwest participating. The fires will be lit and the food and drinks flowing inside the resort. At night live entertainment is planned with Bowman Pickney and Evans providing the music from 8-11pm. Top that off with the Torchlight Parade and Fireworks over the mountain at 10pm. and you've got yourself a top notch winter day. I plan to be a part of it with some live remotes and videos. I hope to see you on the slopes this Saturday at Chestnut Mountain, the Midwest's Premier Year Round Resort!


As I've been mentioning in previous posts, today is Chestnut Mountain Resort's 60th anniversary party. With my love of snow, Chestnut, and the whole Galena area it was only natural that I partnered with them to promote what I believe is a uniquely special place here in the Midwest. From the people, to the scenery, the skiing, and healthy environment, there's nothing to dislike about Chestnut. Add in the fireworks and entertainment later today and this is the place to be.

So, Carolyn and I are here and we hope you will join us, Mike Murphy and his incredible Chestnut staff for what's going to be a really special day. Please stop in, see us and take advantage of the sights and sounds. I'll be sending out live Facebook videos of the events throughout the day so if you can't be here in person, you can still get a feel for all that's going on. Here's to 60 years of family fun at Chestunt!


If there is one thing that makes Chestnut special it's the resorts ability to make snow. The resort has been cranking it out all winter and currently there is a base of 42 to 66 inches. So, despite the weekend thaw ahead it won't disrupt the events here and it will make it easier to be outside without 3 or 4 layers of winter gear. It's all good wherever you are around the Midwest this weekend. Here's the projected highs on the EURO Saturday and Sunday. The warmest day will be Sunday when readings could reach 60 at least as far north as I-80.



In general, the pattern does not support much in the way of cold air the next 10 days. There may be a day or two where we get a quick hitting cool-down but it scampers away quickly and we warm right back up. Here's the temperature departures the EURO shows the next 15 days in 5 day increments.

Days 0-5

Days 5-10

Days 10-15

If the trends I'm looking at hold, it would not surprise me to see a 70 degree day in there between now and March 14th If we can pull that off we are over the hump and you can stick a fork in winter.

Not only does the pattern look mild, it appears to be dry as well. These are the precipitation departures the EURO predicts the next 15 days. I wonder if this portends what spring will be like. My gut tells me so.

With all that good news it's off to join the festivities here at Chestnut. Will be in touch soon with some Facebook lives. Have a great weekend and roll weather...TS

By the way, we do have a new edition of Weather School called Severe Weather 101 planned for April 4th. We have devoted the entire afternoon to the formation of severe storms with a strong emphasis on tornadoes. We'll do some simulations and take you inside several classic historic tornado outbreaks that have impacted Iowa and Illinois. I think you'll be really pleased with the sessions. We hope you can join us for all things severe weather! For all the details click on the banner below or contact

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