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The clocks moved forward an hour Saturday night and with it... another benchmark of spring. We've definitely been feeling the spring weather lately and we'll have to see how much longer it hold on. The Climate Prediction Center keeps temperatures near and above normal through March 17th.

What is for sure is Sunday will be another beautiful, spring day in the Midwest. Check out these temperatures -

We'll be running WELL above normal for this time of year... check out the temperature departures on the European model:

15 to 25 degrees above normal across the entire Upper Midwest... impressive! This time of year, in order to achieve these levels, we do need some wind to help us out.

Gusts of 25 to 35 mph going to be likely Sunday, coming in from the south, will help propel temperatures to April-like levels. Then, a storm system arrives Monday and brings in rain... just rain.

Some isolated thunder may be possible, but mainly rain will fall Monday. Typically, we talked about temperatures getting much colder behind storm systems, but that's not the case. There's no connection to arctic air so temperatures are knocked back some but we stay above normal Monday and Tuesday.

Monday's highs:

Tuesday's highs:

For now... spring has sprung. But we know winter can follow us into March and April so we'll have to see if the warmth continues to hold.


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