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We had been talking about this risk for a while and it came to a head when tornadoes touched down across the central U.S. Saturday. The strongest of the day was near Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Then, storms started rotating in Iowa and Illinois and several tornadoes touched down. Damage was reported around Bridgewater, Oelwein, Hudson in Iowa and there were several tornado reports in Henry county, Illinois. Here's a map of the damage reports from Saturday evening:

Now the storms are moving east and winds will be picking up as we head into Sunday. Here's a look at the gusts in the afternoon:

On top of the wind, temperatures will be much cooler than Saturday (when temperatures were in the 50s, 60s, and 70s)

The winds will make it feel even colder Here's the wind chills for Sunday afternoon:

There may be some light showers early Sunday, but otherwise it will be dry through the start of next week.

There will be the chance for rain Wednesday through Friday with our next system. However, we're looking at drier times for the start of April. Here's the outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for April 3-7:

It likely won't be totally dry, but we'll have some relatively calm weather for the typically rainy month of April.


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