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It looks like we're leaving winter behind and spring is taking over now. We've had some ups and downs still, but it looks like spring is going to be in full force as we head into next week. Sunday is going to be nice and dry with temperatures running near normal.

There will likely still be some ups and downs in the temperatures as we head into the next week or so, but we're seeing less of the big drops in temperatures and temperatures not straying terribly far from normal. The main reason for the temperature changes is an active pattern. Our next system moves in Monday and will bring showers and thunderstorms:

Then a cold front sweeps through Tuesday with more showers and storms:

We'll have to keep an eye on Tuesday for some strong to severe thunderstorms. There is some CAPE (measure of instability) which would suggest some strong storms people a possibility.

Pretty typical spring weather! And with the rain will come a warm up ahead of these systems. Temperatures will be knocked back some behind the rain. Here's a look at the little ups and downs expected with the Euro model's temperatures in Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities:

As you can see above, temperatures don't fall down too far -- average high temperatures this time of year are in the 60s in the Upper Midwest. Temperatures are expected to run near and above normal as we head into the start of May.

For now there will be some ups and downs, but temperatures stay warm, and we'll be dealing with periodic showers and thunderstorms.


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