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We're finally getting back into the swing of things around here. The first half of May (especially the last 10-ish days) has been not very spring-like at all. Here's a look at the temperature departures for the last week:

May has generally been running around 5-9 degrees below normal with high temperatures running even colder. The northwest flow pattern we've been stuck in - which generally promotes cooler air - also leads to drier weather. There hasn't been much rain over the first half of May outside of the storm system that moved through this past Thursday. Here's a look at rainfall for the first half of May:

The mild will continue but the active pattern doesn't. Showers and thunderstorms were ongoing Saturday and the rain will persist into Sunday morning.

A few light showers will linger Sunday, especially the closer you are to the Mississippi and points east. Otherwise it will be cloudy and temperatures will be a little cooler than the last two days as the front passes through:

Some slightly cooler air moves in behind that system and temperatures will be briefly below normal.

Thereafter temperatures will be near and above normal for a while as a big area of high pressure builds in the upper levels over the U.S.

Here's a look at the temperatures for Cedar Rapids and Quad Cities for the next ten days:

We're going to be solidly in spring as we head through the middle to end of May. The warmth will come with periodic rain chances which we'll deal with as those events get closer.

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