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I wanted to start on an update about Saturday's tornadoes in Iowa and Illinois. The National Weather Service in the Quad Cities has confirmed five tornadoes. Three EF-1s and two EF-Us (unknown rating, didn't cause enough damage to be rated). You can see more information at this link from the NWS.

Now that day was followed by what's been the warmest day of the year so far for a lot of the Upper Midwest on Sunday:

Cedar Rapids finally hit 80 degrees for the first time this year. It was the third longest streak without an 80 degree day on record and the latest first 80 since 1973. With that warmth has come moisture and showers and storms.

One batch moved through early Sunday morning then more storms developed once again in the afternoon. A slow moving/stationary front will be the focus for showers and storms over the next few days.

Some thunderstorms may continue into early Monday and then we'll warm things up for Memorial Day:

Thunderstorms will develop in the afternoon and evening of Monday with some additional storms as we head into Tuesday:

The week will remain active and mild with daily chances for storms. Here's a look at the daily temperatures for Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities respectively:

Summery weather continues!


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