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It's been a REALLY pleasant weekend around eastern Iowa. Crisp mornings, comfortable afternoons and plenty of sunshine. Not much more you can ask for in the middle of June. And it was a much needed break for a lot of us from the rain. Now warmth is going to build back in with a big area of high pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere:

This will send temperatures back up, but humidity won't climb all that much. So it won't be terribly uncomfortable, but it will be warmer. If you look in the image above you can see an area of blue in the Pacific NW, that is a trough which is expected to move our way later in the week (and will mean storminess).

So first and foremost the week will start off mostly dry with just a slim chance for a shower Monday. Temperatures will get cranked up a notch compared to the weekend...

As we head through the week temperatures will continue to climb. Here's a look at the 10-day forecast on the European model for Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities, respectively...

The next chance for rain really doesn't come until Friday and the pattern will likely remain active for several days with that trough in overhead and a boundary at the surface --

We'll have more details about it as we draw closer to the end of the week. Until then the humidity will stay low and keep things dry.


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