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So far June has been two headed here in the central Midwest. Temperatures got off to a sizzling start with the average high the first 8 days in Cedar Rapids at 87 degrees (including two 90 degree days. The following 8 days were much cooler with the average high down to 78 degrees. Thanks to the Iowa Mesonet for the graphic.

The same was true in the Quad Cities where the average high the first 8 days of June averaged 88 degrees compared to 80 the second 8 days.

All the measurable precipitation has fallen in the first 10 days of the month, much of it associated with the remnants of tropical storm Christobal. Below you can see the daily rainfall numbers for Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities.

Including Tuesday, we've enjoyed a 7 day stretch of relatively cool, dry, and humidity free weather. Just what we needed after the soaking rains of late May and early June. Monday and Tuesday have been exceptionally nice. The dew points Monday were only in the 30s and 40s.

That's brought turquoise skies and very fresh air by mid-June standards. Quiet to say the least.

The massive high pressure situated over the Great Lakes that's responsible for the nice conditions is beginning to break down and retreat to the east.

After another fine day Wednesday moisture eventually makes its way back into the pattern late Thursday and especially Friday when available water vapor increases to significant levels (close to 2" in central Iowa).

Combine that with a wavy front that meanders around the Midwest and it appears we are headed for another period of active wet weather. That certainly fits the MJO analogs which take it through 2 and into phase 3 by the end of June.

These are the precipitation analogs for phases 2 and 3 in June. They are indeed signaling a wet 10 day period.

The EURO and GFS are both in agreement. The EURO shows this for 10 day total rainfall.

So, after a couple more days of nice weather June switches gears and again we will see the more active and summery side of the month. That's all for now. Roll weather...TS

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