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The Summer solstice occurred at 4:44 pm on Saturday, marking the longest day of the year (in terms of daylight). We do start to now slowly lose daylight (just by a few seconds at first) from now on.

Meteorological summer began on June first -- marking the warmest time of year, on average. Regardless, it felt like summer outside. It was warm, it was muggy, and there were periodic showers and thunderstorms. Sunday will be another warm day:

Most of the day will be dry in the Upper Midwest with thunderstorms breaking out in SD/Nebraska and western Iowa in the late afternoon/early evening:

That's where the severe weather risk mainly lies for strong winds and large hail --

As the storm system moves east on Monday the severe risk will follow:

There will likely be showers and thunderstorms ongoing late Sunday night into early Monday morning:

Then there will be another round of storms in the afternoon and evening, these are the storms that would likely be strong to severe with strong winds and hail being the main threats.

We'll have to see how long the morning rain lingers and where the next round sets up in the afternoon. That will determine if there is a severe risk and where it is the greatest.

The following few days will likely be dry as high pressure moves in behind this system.

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