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It already feels pretty comfortable outside, especially considering how hot and humid it's been lately. It's going to get even cooler and more comfortable as we head into next week, but first the weekend.

Saturday will have a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures near the normal mark:

There will be more cloud cover Sunday as a cold front begins to approach the area. That plus the chance for rain will lead to slightly lower temperatures.

Humidity will be slightly higher ahead of the front, indicating some moisture available for showers and thunderstorms.

There will be a few scattered showers and thunderstorms around, but moisture levels aren't *very* high. Any rain will be good rain, though! Here's a look at the showers and storms Saturday in Minnesota traveling down to the south Sunday on the hi-resolution NAM:

Won't be a drought buster by any means, but at least it's rain! Here's a look at the rainfall totals through Monday morning:

Behind the rain there will be cooler and drier air that moves in and it will be COMFORTABLE! Sweater weather, feeling like fall, all that jazz. Temperatures will be running below normal and humidity will be VERY low, especially by August standards.

Check out the dew points Tuesday afternoon:

The humidity will remain low through much of next week and temperatures will remain on the low side, too. Five to ten degrees below normal, in fact, with highs in the 70s!

It does look like toward the second week of August we will see some slightly warmer temperatures... Here's the outlook for August 8th to the 14th:

But for now it's going to be feeling like fall! RK

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