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Not everyone got rain on Sunday, but some areas did and that's great news. We are in need of rain across the state of Iowa in particular where dry to extreme drought conditions exist right now.

Well there will be some chances in the upcoming week but likely going to be of the hit or miss variety. So here's a look at the rainfall totals for the next seven days on the European model:

And the GFS:

So obviously not a ton of agreement and things will change, but it showers the potential for rain in the Upper Midwest over the next week. Unfortunately both models do show some holes in the dry and drought stricken areas.

First there's a chance for a few showers lingering on Monday morning. Then there will be a chance for storms Monday afternoon and evening.

Tuesday looks mostly dry and then there may be a few spotty showers around Wednesday. The higher chance looks to be late Thursday into Friday along a cold front.

Looks like it's a long road to get rid of the dry and drought conditions but hopefully there will be some progress this week...


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