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It started raining 7 days ago, last Saturday night, and it felt like it would never end. Rain was on and off, heavy at times, and seriously added up in eastern Iowa and western Illinois. Here's a look at the rainfall totals per the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities:

These are areas that see around or less than an inch of rain for the ENTIRE month of August. So impressive to say the least, but it's time to turn the faucet off. Unfortunately the heavy rain didn't hit the areas experiencing the worst of the drought in western Iowa, so hopefully they can get more rain soon.

For now though high pressure will settle in and lead to a pretty calm week across the Upper Midwest:

That will lead to SUNSHINE (!!!) and will lead to some warmer weather. Really, temperatures will just be back around normal after a week of incredibly cool temperatures. The last five days temperatures have been running 5 to 20 degrees below normal.

On Sunday we'll finally get back into the 70s:

And it does get warmer from here. Here's a look at the temperatures through Thursday for Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities:

There is some uncertainty on what happens thereafter. There's a slight chance for rain Thursday, which models agree on. They diverge on what sort of air moves in thereafter. Hopefully there will be some more agreement over the next few days.

For now, soak up the sunshine and warmer temperatures.


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