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A big low pressure system has brought a big taste of fall weather to the area. It also brought some beneficial rain to the region. Here's a look at the rainfall totals Saturday through Sunday morning:

Of course this rain once again missed the spots that needed the rain the most. Just to recap, here's where the drought conditions stand in Iowa:

There will be a chance for some showers early Monday especially in far eastern Iowa and Illinois:

Temperatures will be held down below normal and it'll be a nice afternoon:

Humidity will be nice and low! Super comfortable -- perfect pumpkin spice weather!

Some 40s and 50s will be present Monday night into Tuesday morning:

As the low pressure pulls away warmer air will build back in for the rest of the week:

Temperatures will be hearing back toward 80 degrees then by Tuesday:

Warming even more Wednesday:

And feeling like summer by Thursday:

Temperatures are expected to generally remain above normal through the middle of the month:

Enjoy the taste of fall.. it will of course return!



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