A fall chill is on the way as we head into the new week. First we have a cold front to get through. Ahead of the front temperatures got into the 70s and 80s Saturday. However it did not get as warm as anticipated due to the very thick smoke in overhead.

The smoke was leading to a red tint to the sun the entire day and did hold back temperatures some. Regardless, a cold front will move through Sunday and bring the chance for rain.

Rain will begin in Iowa in the late morning Sunday and continue to the south through the night. That will begin to usher in some cooler air.

Temperatures go from the 70s and 80s of Saturday to 60s Sunday and Monday. Here's the temperatures for Sunday:

And Monday:

There will be a few more weak fronts that move through during the week and reinforce the cool air. That will send temperatures down and by Friday morning there will be the potential for our first frost.

Fall is here!