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It was a pretty ugly weekend. As we waited for the sunshine Sunday many places were assessing the issues that came from Saturday's deluge.

There have been overflowing creeks and rivers as a result of all of this water, especially in southeast Iowa into western Illinois:

Now we'll luckily be drying out for a few days but it is going to be cooler. Here's a look at the precipitation totals for the next five days:

We have an upper level low pressure system in place for the start of the week that will lead to northwest flow -- that will lead to cool, dry conditions.

Afternoon temperatures will be in the 50s and overnight temperatures will be down in the 30s. With the recent rain there will be enough moisture around for some frost to develop.

Here's a look at Tuesday morning's lows:

And Wednesday morning:

So if you have any sensitive plants or started planting early you'll want to bring those inside or cover them up.

This is not uncommon... we typically see our last frost/freeze (with temperatures around 32°) in mid to late April:

Hopefully we get back to more spring-like weather soon!



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