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There will be a cold front that comes through early Monday. That boundary will be the focus of precipitation the next two days in the region. The front will lead to a bit of a cooler day:

As the boundary lingers there will be the chance for scattered showers and storms Monday afternoon/evening:

We're back into the spring warmth and moisture on Tuesday:

The aforementioned boundary lifts back north as a warm front, leading to the potential for severe weather once again on Tuesday afternoon:

There will be a lot of instability available for storms to develop Tuesday near the warm front.

The question is where exactly the warm front sets up, but unfortunately this will be close to the same area affected by Friday's storms:

These initial, discrete storms would be capable of producing tornadoes and large hail. As the cold front moves in there may be strong winds as well Tuesday night:

There are still some question marks with this one, but still a day to keep a close eye on in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri as people continue to pick up the pieces from Friday.

Rebecca Kopelman


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