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After just a week break from the heat, it came back. Temperatures were back in the 90s Saturday afternoon - and while it felt toasty, it was not terribly humid.

The dew points were in the low 60s Saturday, while during last week's heat wave the dew points were in the mid to upper 70s.

This big area of high pressure is in place across a lot of the country, leading to the warmth:

This high pressure system isn't as strong as last week's and it's also not centered directly over us like last week. That's leading to temperatures running slightly lower and humidity staying down. Sunday is going to be a bit hotter, and may be close to some record highs:

While it will be hot, it won't be teribbly humid.

The heat remains for Labor Day with another sunny, dry day:

Still toasty on Tuesday:

A cold front will move through the region Tuesday night and may bring some rain, but chances are slim and totals look light:

We'll talk more about what happens behind the front in my next post.

Stay cool!

Rebecca Kopelman


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