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March started off mild and dry, but with heavy snow and rounds of rain, we've seen a turnaround. Here's a look at the precipitation for the last seven days (through Saturday):

Showers and storms will continue Sunday evening with more rain on the way Monday:

The focus for thunderstorm activity will be south of I-80 and even further south near the warm front is where the severe weather threat will be elevated:

To the north we'll just be in the rain while storms could produce very large hail and tornadoes through Oklahoma and Missouri Monday evening:

Some rain may linger in the far southeastern part of the area Tuesday morning:

Clouds will remain and temperatures remain near normal Tuesday afternoon west of the Mississippi, but much colder to the east.

In the afternoon there could be a changeover to some April snow showers near and east of the river:

The low lingers as does the deformation zone on the backside and some snow could linger into Wednesday, possibly sneaking into eastern Iowa:

Temperatures will be much colder in Illinois and Wisconsin on Wednesday as a result:

No April fools here, unfortunately!

Rebecca Kopelman


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