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It was a cold weekend and it will be a chilly start to the week. But we're heading back up and we could stay there for quite a while.

For some initial perspective, average high temperatures for the middle of December are in the low to mid 30s. These are just a benchmark, but are calcuated by taking the temperatures oer the last 30 years and averaging them. So this weekend was pretty close to normal and we'll be slightly above normal to start the week:

A weak cold front will move through Monday evening and won't do much except increase the winds and lead to a cooler day on Tuesday:

We head back up on Wednesday:

And about 10-15 degrees above normal by Thursday:

There's a big ridge of high pressure moving in that will send temperatures up and keep them up:

This could keep temperatures running above normal close to Christmas Eve:

This would also be a drier pattern, but just one storm can always change the game. For now we're riding the mild train!

Rebecca Kopelman


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