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FEELING THE LOVE. Over the past 9 days thanks to your generous donations, we've been raising the funds necessary to cover the cost of this site. We are on our way and with your continued support we're going to make our goal. Still, we are a way off from reaching our goal and I'm asking those of you that enjoy the insights and effort that goes into this site to consider a voluntary subscription. I'm asking $12.00 dollars for a year. That's $1 dollar a month or 3 cents a blog if you consider the fact there were 450 posts issued over the past year. The site requires a significant commitment of time and resources and every donation, whatever the size is deeply appreciated. I just need a little help to cover the expenses. Click on the link below if you can assist or or need additional information. I thank you for your support and consideration.

A soggy Sunday was beneficial for a drought-stricken Midwest. This rain comes too late for farmers this year, but may be beneficial for farmers *next* year. It's best to work on this drought now before the ground freezes and can set us up better next year.

Just as an example for Sunday's rains... Cedar Rapids had already picked up around an inch by 5 pm Sunday and more rain will fall.

Rain will continue overnight and wind down by daybreak Monday morning:

Clouds will gradually clear and temperatures will stay chilly on Monday afternoon, but a little warmer than Sunday:

There may be some areas of frost Monday night into Tuesday morning with clear skies, light winds, and temperatures down in the 30s:

Likely won't be as thick of frost or as much widespread frost as Saturday morning, but still going to get frosty again. Tuesday will then be a sunny and cool fall day with temperatures in the 50s once again:

There will be another storm system that comes in Wednesday / Thursday, but there's still uncertainty on the intensity of this system:

After this system passes by it looks like the pattern will start to die down into the month of November:

Stay warm... and dry!


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