The latest drought index is out and and outside of a few isolated pockets where spotty rains occurred, dryness continues to expand. Back on April 1st the index looked like this. Northern Iowa along with much of Minnesota and Wisconsin were abnormally dry but outside of NW Iowa, few were in actual drought conditions. My entire area was considered in normal spring conditions.

In just over two months moderate to severe drought has expanded to include the northern half of Iowa, southern Wisconsin, and has even crept into NE Illinois.

Now most of my area north of I-80 is abnormally dry with moderate drought encroaching on places such as Dubuque and Cedar Rapids as well as the Freeport area of NW and NC Illinois. In just the last week abnormally dry soils in the Midwest expanded from 41 to 55%. Moderate drought increased from 18 to 27%.

So far June is really looking ugly. With a third of the month behind us rainfall from my area west has been 25% or less compared to the mean. From SW Minnesota and central Iowa west no rain at all has been reported!