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The weather has taken a turn toward spring with beautiful, mild conditions on Saturday. The warmth continues into Easter Sunday with temperatures back in the 70s:

It will be a little breezy, but the wind won't be nuisance. Gusts of 20-25 mph will be possible.

We are currently sitting under a big ridge of high pressure -- basically a big area of warm air way up above our heads. That's keeping us warm and dry.

As we head into next week we'll have an area of low pressure start to move in and agitate the atmosphere, leading to the chance for showers and thunderstorms.

At the surface there will be a frontal boundary, which will be the focus for showers and thunderstorms each day Monday through Thursday:

Right now the severe weather threat is low in Iowa and Illinois but thunderstorms are possible and some heavy rain will occur.

The European model is showing the potential for 1-3" of rain in the region. Don't pay too close attention to the placement because that is certainly subject to change. This is just giving an idea of how widespread the rain will be:

Enjoy the warm and dry weather while it lasts. Have a great Easter!



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