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It seems like summer may last forever, but we know that all good things will come to and end. This week is going to be filled with some pretty great weather for October standards. Not too hot, not to cold. A mix of sunshine and a chance for some much needed rain.

For starters... Monday will be much nicer than the weekend with plenty of sunshine. Temperatures will be slightly above normal:

Humidity won't be super low, but it won't be terribly high. It should feel more like an early fall day, but still warm in the afternoon. Tuesday will be slightly warmer:

A storm system will approach from the south on Wednesday and lead to a push of even warmer air on Wednesday afternoon:

There will be the chance for some scattered showers between Wednesday and Thursday with highest chances favored in the south and east:

Just like what we experienced this weekend... hit or miss and very low rainfall totals:

Even after this storm system passes we're still going to be in the warmth with a ridge dominating in the upper levels of the atmosphere:

It does look like by the middle of the month the pattern starts to break down and will lead to slightly cooler temperatures and more fall like conditions:

Enjoy the warmth while it lasts... personally I'm ready for fall!


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