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It still has been feeling toasty but the lower humidity has been making it feel a bit better outside. Saturday will be even nicer with lower humidity:

Here's a look at a comfort chart relating dew point temperatures to how it typically feels:

We'll have to focus on the higher end of the scale shortly. But Saturday will be the nicest day we'll have for a while with the lower humidity and lower temperatures:

Temperatures start to go up on Sunday as winds pick up out of the southeast:

Humidity will go up a notch as well:

The heat will continue to grow as a big ridge of high pressure centers itself over the region:

This big high pressure system will also send the storm track to our north and we'll be dry for several days.

Temperatures will be even higher on Monday as a result:

And with higher humidity it will feel like the triple digits in the afternoon. We'll likely have Heat Advisories issued once again:

And it will be even hotter on Tuesday:

And the humidity will go up leading to even higher heat indices:

The warmth will persist through much of the week, backing off some with the chance for storms on Wednesday.

Get the yard work done Saturday before the heat!