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Saturday was cloudy, and at times breezy, as a disturbance moved through. Bringing rain to some spots, but also increasing the humidity levels - it was noticeable but not uncomfortable.

The way we can measure humidity is with the dew points. A measure of the moisture in the atmosphere and also can be an indicator of how it feels outside:

Dew points were n the upper 50s to low 60s Saturday and it will feel nicer Sunday:

It'll be sunny and pleasant with temperatures near and above normal:

High pressure moves in overhead Monday behind a cold front and temperatures will be held to the low 70s:

Humidity will be a smidge lower as well:

Warmer air will start to build in as the upper level flow transitions from northwesterly (dry, cooler) to zonal:

Warmer air will build in and temperatures will be back in the 70s on Wednesday:

The humidity will be higher as well and it will feel sticky:

We could be around 90 on Thursday:

And it'll be feeling uncomfortable as dew points rise back into the 70s:

There will be a few systems that ripple through, but there's uncertainty on the track of them. Rainc chances appear highest with a cold front on Thursday.


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