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Feast or famine - that's been the way it's gone with rain over the last few days in the region. Here's a look at the precipitation from Friday morning to Saturday morning as an example:

TThis is because the storms have been born out of the instability of the day, and not an actual storm system. And that has been because of a big 'ol high pressure system hanging out over the region in the upper levels of the atmosphere:

This has been part of a series of blocking highs, which has led to the storm track remaining well to our north and a lack of organized storm systems coming through.

Once again Sunday there will be the chance for a few isolated storms:

That will be as temperatures climb into the 80s and near 90 Sunday afternoon:

Monday will be another toasty afternoon:

That will be ahead of a backdoor cold front (a front that comes in from the northeast, rather than the traditional northwest) that will arrive late Monday. There may be a few scattered showers/storms as the front comes through, but the true tell will be the winds picking up from the east/northeast:

Temperatures will be knocked back a bit Tuesday:

And Wednesday:

But what will be most noticeable will be the lower humidity that will arrive by Wednesday:

We'll get relief from the heat, but also means that rain chances will be low once again.

Rebecca Kopelman


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