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It's pretty wild that seven days ago we were talking about record high temperatures and now we're talking about our first frost of the season around the corner. But that's the Midwest for ya!

Temperatures will continue to run near/below normal on Sunday:

Then drop down into the 30s Sunday night into Monday morning:

Those temperatures will be low enough for frost. Here's a look at when the first frost typically occurs in Iowa:

Frost isn't just about temperature, as frost can happen even above freezing. It takes clear skies, light winds, and some available moisture.

Temperatures will once again be cool enough for frost Monday night into Tuesday:

Temperatures remain near normal in the afternoons this week. Here's the highs on Tuesday:

A big area of low pressure will be in overhead, swirling in cool air through the start of the week:

We'll be dry through Tuesday and then we'll be watching a system that could bring a good rain to the area. We'll talk more about that in the next post.

Rebecca Kopelman


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