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We're simmering out there in the strong July sun, but thankfully humidity was lower out there this weekend. The heat will be on the rise as we head through next week but first we have to discuss some storms on Monday.

A cold front will be moving through the region leading to some showers and storms around daybreak:

Temperatures will rise into the 80s in most of my local area with 90s to the south of the front:

In that southern zone instability will grow. To the north there will be a few scattered showers and storms but in the south there will be the potential for a few strong storms:

The slight risk (2 out of 5 on the SPC scale) may get expanded further west. There could be storms with large hail and strong winds in the evening:

We'll then gradually warm up going from the upper level troughiness with Monday's system:

To big ridge of high pressure building over the region:

Temperatures will be in the 80s and eventually head into the 90s toward the end of the week. The heat may last a while too with above normal temperatures expected through at least the 24th of July:

This pattern will also be remaining pretty quiet and dry as we head through the next week.



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